Way Past Cool – Episode 70 [Crypt Records Special]


It’s A Sin – The Revelators
Kinds Of Women – Thee Mighty Caesars
Drums-A-Go-Go – The Hollywood Persuaders
Dressed In Black – Teengenerate
The Nightriders Theme – The Beguiled
69 – The Four
Nitroglycerine – The Gories
Man Of Wealth & Taste – Bantam Rooster
Buzzsaw Twist – The Gee Cees
I’ve Been Had – The Cheater Slicks
T.A.S. – The New Bomb Turks
That’s The Bag I’m In – The Fabs
Twist, Grind, Rock & Burn – The Necessary Evils
Uprising – The Cherokees
On My Floor – Los Primos
And She Said Yes – Painted Ship
Got To Get You Outside My Head – Thee Mighty Caesars
Thunder Road – The Fireworks
Night Of The Sadist – Larry & The Blue Notes
Snow Surfin’ Matador – Jan Davis
Right Now – Teengenerate
Naked, Naked, Naked – The Raunch Hands
No Reason To Complain – The Alarm Clocks
Trouble – The Oblivians
Washboard [Take 1] – The Poor Boys
Rats Revenge Part 1 – The Rats
Sweet Like Wine – The Devil Dogs
Shot Down – Bantam Rooster
Mr. Custer Stomp – The Scouts
Mr. Suit – The New Bomb Turks
Circuit Breaker – The Pastels
You Should Be Sinnin’ – The Dirtys
She’s A Drag – The Dry Grins
Hey Fucker – The Fireworks
I’m Not A Sicko, There’s A Plate In My Head – The Oblivians
The Whip – The Creeps
You’ve No Mind – The Revelators
Goin’ Places – The Wyld
Black Change – The Country Teasers
Dragon Walk – The Dantels
North Shore Bitch – The Devil Dogs
We’re Gonna Love – Sir Winston & The Commons
Let’s Talk About Girls – The Lyres
Spunky Onions – Billy Davis & The Legends
The Screaming Rummy – The Beguiled


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