Way Past Cool – Episode 62


Neat Neat Neat – The Damned
Surf Beat – Dick Dale
Daddy Rolling Stone – Billy Childish & The CTMF
Open Up Your Door – The Future Primitives
Gumkick – Cee Bee Beaumont
Gangwar – Gene Maltais
Drums A-Go-Go – The Hollywood Persuaders
Dancing Ghouls – The Defectors
Action Is My Middle Name – Mikelangelo & The Tin Star
The Graveyard Stroll – The Lantern Men
In Your Head – Holly Golightly
Black Winds – Little John & The Black Monks
[We Need Another] Vietnam – The Hard Feelings
Geraldine – Ole Miss Downbeats
No Friend Of Mine – The Swamp Rats
Ambition – The Fall Outs
El Duelo De Chiuauas – The Surf Motherfuckers
Guantanamera – The Sand Pipers



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