Way Past Cool – Episode 52 : BAD ATTITUDE


Safe Word – Choke Chains
It’s A Cryin’ Shame – The Gentlemen
Bad Detective – The Coasters
Reverb Explosion Pt. 1 – El Caminos
Gangster Of Love – Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson
Straight, Hard & Long – Meet Your Death
Shish Kebab – Les 4 De Paris
I Need Your Lovin’ – Les Sexareenos
Hey Tiger! – Felix & His Fabulous Cats
The Tease – Santos
Five Weeks Ahead Of My Time – Sugar Shack
Put On My Shoes – Mary Ann Fisher
Jim Motherfucker – Gaunt
The Girl Can’t Dance – Bunker Hill
Vague Information – King Automatic
Experiment In Terror – The Night Kings
Panic In Pink City – The Taikonauts
Invisible Man – Trailer Crash
Anesthesia – The Nation Rockin’ Shadows
Blue Mallard – The Newport Nomads
Don’t Look At Me When I’m Lookin’ At You – The Revelators
Arena! – Rev. Tom Frost
One Man Woman – Rev. Tom Frost
Toxictoons – Rev. Tom Frost


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