Way Past Cool – Episode 51 : STONED


We’re Not Alone – Savage Island
I Got A Right – The Stooges
I Tell No Lies – The Jesters
Run Brother Run – Ray Collins’ Hot Club
Where Are You Gonna Go – Hank Robot & The Ethnics
You Gotta Do It – Tokyo Self Destruction
Shake – The Shadows Of Knight
I Found A Peanut – Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds
Rocket 88 – Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats
Old Mad Witch – Marcel Bontempi
Twistarella – Mr. Gerrymanders
Parchment Farm – Billy Lee Riley
Bad Love – The Night Beats
Lean Lanky Daddy – Little Annie
Soupy – Maggie Thrett
Mama Soul – The Super Supers
The Good, The Bad & The Hava – Rev. Tom Frost
Love, Love Alone – Rev. Tom Frost
Retour A Silence – Rev. Tom Frost
Don’t Mess With My Mind – The Stomach Mouths
[I Call My Baby] D.D.T. – The Phantom Surfers
Burn Baby Burn – Stud Cole
In The Mausoleum – The X-Ray Cat Trio
Rats Revenge Part 1 – The Rats
Karate Monkey – The Kongsmen
Perfect Stranger – Mack Stevens & The Texas Infadels


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