Way Past Cool – Episode 50 [Instro Killers Special]


The Napoleon Solo – The Meteors
Machinations – Cee Bee Beaumont
The Outer Limits – The Marketts
Wounded Knee – The Milkshakes
El Tortura – The Apemen
God Forgives, I Don’t – The Bloody Tomahawks
Trouble Shooter – Bob Miller & The Millermen
The Persuaders Theme – The Charles Napiers
The Victor – Dick Dale
Le Saboteur – El Ray
El Guano – The Jamming Arabs
Swedish Erotica – The Tremolo Beer Gut
Tempest Buick – The Strip Kings
Structo – Man… Or Astroman?
The Galloping Goblin – The Masonics
Tiki Torcher – The Tiki Men
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Robert Johnson & The Punchdrunks
Ichabob Crane – Satan’s Pilgrims
Malaguena – The Puta Madre Brothers
Werewolf – The Frantics
Flying Fortress – Destination Earth
Cocktails With Bond – The Surf Trio
The Ghost Of Baghdad – The Flaming Stars


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