Way Past Cool – Episode 49


Kill Me – The Spaceshits
Chain Reaction – The Horrors
Hail, Hail – The X-Ray Cat Trio
Something Died – The X-Ray Cat Trio
Se Apago – Los Explosivos
Go Ahead – Billy Miranda
Gotta Get Inside That Girls Mind – Thee Headcoats
Great Balls Of Fire – The’s
[I Go] King Kong – The Go-Rillas
You’re Driving Me Crazy – The Merced Blue Notes
Spider Baby – The Skeptics
Surprise Party A Sankt Pauli – Thee Outlets
Howling Rags – The Sick Hyenas
On The Canal At Dark – The Teamsters
Milk Intrigue – Curlee Wurlee!
Circuit Breaker – The Pastels
Mosquito – The Country Teasers
Feelin’ Bad – Little Junior’s Blue Flames
Go On Girl – The Devil Dogs
Tell A Whale Of A Tale – Wynonie Harris
Trash Talk – Thee Tsunamis
What’s The Matter Baby – The Jesters
Shabby Moscow Tremolo – The Tremolo Beer Gut
The Last Time – The Delta Bombers
Song From ‘Modern Times’ – Charlie Chaplin


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