Way Past Cool – Episode 48


Left Unseen – Les Grys-Grys
Boil Yer Blood – Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind
Street Fight – Phil Campos
Argentino – The OK Kings
We’re Gonna Get Married – Bo Diddley
Boy On Fire – Harmonica Lewinsky
Green Fuzz Theme – Greenfuzz
Cleopatra – Jamie Coe
Get Used To Loving Me – Mickey & The Salty Seadogs
A Wristwatch Band – Bill Wendry & The Boss Tweeds
Malaguena – Reverend Tom Frost
One Day I Will Kill You – Deadbolt
My Girl, The Vampire – Sugar Shack
River In My Blood – Steve Karmen
Sasquatch – Powersolo
House Of The Rising Sun – Oscar & The Majestics
Yeti Spaghetti – The Routes
Watcha Gonna Do – Hayden Thompson
Wicked Sin – Sick Hyenas
Soul Train – Little Richard
The Tiki’s Curse – The Bikini Men
Dead Bury The Dead – Legendary Shack Shakers
Out Of Our Tree – The Wailers
Love In A Pill – The Jewws
Whole Lotta Woman – The Contours


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