Way Past Cool – Episode 47


Betty Vs The NYPD – Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
She Tells Me – The Hard Feelings
Big Chief – Young Jessie
Black Cat – Double Date With Death
The Boo Boo Song – King Coleman
The Least Disappointing Man – The Buff Medways
Car With The Star – Andre Williams
Jack The Ripper – The One Way Streets
Sixteen Ghosts – The Giant Robots
I Want Her Back – Dick Jordan
Surfin’ NSA – Bang! Mustang
The Thing I Done – C.W. Stoneking
The Whammy – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
Everyone I Went To School With Is Dead – The Kreeps
Jackyard Backoff – The Cramps
Gorilla Hunt – The Altecs
Too Drunk To Fuck – The Dead Kennedys
La Vampira Del Raval – King Automatic
Beaver Patrol – The Wilde Knights
Big Fat Spider – Marcel Bontempi
Sea Saw – Swami John Reis & The Blind Shake
(The Life & Times Of) Sarah Hand – The Masonics
Momma Stop Me Before I Kill Again – Mack Stevens
The Godfather – Surfpatrouille
Roadrunner – The Modern Lovers


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