Way Past Cool – Episode 46


Thee Most Exhalted Potentate Of Love – The Cramps
Ain’t No Deal – The Black Lips
Em – The Oblivians
Two Headed Woman – Junior Wells
Nowhere To Hide – The Tormentos
Street Survivor – The Flaming Sideburns
Shakin’ All Over – Col Joye & The Joy Boys
Kick You In The Face With My Size 10 Buster Browns – The Distortionists
Banshee Beach – The Ghastly Ones
Snake Drive – R.L. Burnside & The Blues Explosion
Gloria – Miguel & Los Sharps
You’re Not Gonna Like It (‘Cos It’s Rock & Roll) – The Hard Feelings
It Ain’t Right – Little Walter
Blasto Bolero – Slacktone
Jailbird – Narco States
In Case You Need Love – The Screws
Cannibale – The Drags
She’s On It / Jack The Ripper – The Blues Explosion


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