Way Past Cool – Episode 44


Mumia Twist – Wau Y Los Arrgs!
Glory Hole – The Necessary Evils
Knick Knack Patty Wack – Lou Lawton
Pretty & Pink – The Infections
Black Cat – Brian Auger
Camel Walk – Southern Culture On The Skids
Minnie Skirt Minnie – George Jackson
I’m The Sound – The Future Primitives
Night Of The Sadist – Larry & The Blue Notes
Merkin – Swamp Angel
Alligator Wine – The Dynamic Kapers
Out Come The Freaks – The Mean Things
Santo Street – Johnny Legend
Somebody To Love – Kalyanji Anandji
Troubled Times – Thee Headcoats Sect
Werewolf – Garry Warren
Coffin Dagger – The Coffin Daggers
Midnight Dreams – Tommy Bell
The Spider – El Rey
Le Penitentier – Johnny Hallyday


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