Way Past Cool – Episode 39


The Naked Witch – Reverend Tom Frost
White Collar Worker – The Mobbs
Run For Cover – The Oblivians
Thoughts Of A Hangman – Thee Heatcoats
Rock Damage – Pink Slip Daddy
El Garage De Gina Monster – Lost Acapulco
One Quick Minute – Brimstone Howl
Have You Been To Mars – The Future Primitives
School Days – The Paint Fumes
Retox – The Anomalys
Rubber Gloves – The Psyched
Comme De Betes – Magnetix
Crystal Snake – J.C. Satan
Shopping Bag – The Penetrators
Wrong Right – The Hussy
Devils Driver – Gasoline
Walking Talking Johnny Cash Blues – The Godfathers
Good As It Gets – The Infections
You Broke My Stuff – Mama Rosin
Sleeparound – The Rip Offs
Ape! Ape! Ape! – The Primate 5
Theme To Van Cleef – Get Three Coffins Ready
Cannibal Lust – The Blowtops
Tina Louise – The Dirtbombs


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