Way Past Cool – Episode 33


Beat Beat – The Get Wets
Thank You God For Making Me An Angel – The Country Teasers
Atlantica – The Alohas
Lovin’ Cup – The Triumphs
44 Blues – Blacktop
Same Thing – Gino Parks
Chochazo – The New Demolators
Annette Brunette – The Chinese Millionaires
Favourite Enemy – The Trash Monkeys
2 + 2 – The Seger Liberation Army
Mr. Custer Stomp – The Scouts
Goin’ Places – The Wyld
You’re So Cruel – The Blue Squares
Good Morning Judge – Wynonie Harris
Leopard Print Cissy – The Makers
Dirty Water – The Standells
Hustler Bullets – The Strip Kings
Walking Dead Blues – Juke & The All Drunk Orchestra
Black Garage Door – The Chrome Cranks
If You Want A Little Lovin’ – The Barons
Dirty Dozens – Delaney Davidson
Babalou – The Phantom Surfers
Chills & Fever – Allen Wayne
Stronger Than Dirt – The Mummies
I Know You – The Barbacans


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