Way Past Cool – Episode 32


Satisfied – The Guilty Hearts
Hunt You Down – The Hate Bombs
My Gal Rockethead – Little David Dunn
San Francisco Traffic – The Bunny Bonanzas
You Weren’t Using Your Head – The Wailers
Release The Kraken – Doctor Bombay & The Atomic Bachelor Pad
Primitive – The Groupies
Savage – Alan Barnicoat
Lean Lanky Daddy – Little Annie
Adam West Vs The Vampires – Hawaii Samurai
Tomato Juice – The Maggots
And She Said Yes – The Painted Ship
City Of Bother And Loathe – The Jukebox Zeros
Baby Likes To Rock & Roll – Arsen Roulette
Cally Creeper – Cee Bee Beaumont
Big Noise From Waimea – The Ebb Tides
Vampire Sugar – Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons
This Day Is Mine – Heavy Trash
Wolf Couple – The Suicide Notes
Crazy Beat – Al ‘Dr. Horse’ Pittman
Look Away – The Omens
The Hornet Returns – Paul Paterson
Can She Give You Fever – Ernie Tucker
Voodoo Woman – Chuy & The Bobcats
Wanna Make You Mine – The Pulsebeats
Sinbad – Bobby Freeman
Viva Zapata – Link Wray


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