Way Past Cool – Episode 4


The Black Man You’ve Been Lovin’ – The Fucking Eagles
Downtown Paranoia Blues – The Soledad Brothers
Nobody But Me – The Human Beinz
Nervis – Heavy Trash
Let’s Kill Ourselves – The Ponys
Hotel Loneliness – Link Wray
Nurse Julie – Billy Childish & The Friends Of The Buff Medway Fanciers Association
Twist At The Top – Howie Casey & The Seniors
It’s Just Love – The Chains
Time Of The Season – The Zombies
Only Tonight – The Flaming Stars
I Can’t Find My Way Home – Jack ‘O’ & The Tennessee Tearjerkers
Ain’t No Fool – The Revellions
Run Joe – Louis Jordan
Monkeydog – Big Foot Chester
Let’s Just Fuck Like Folks – The Detroit City Council
R’n’B No.65 – The Stomachmouths
The Apes Of Wrath – The Space Cossacks
I Need Your Love – The Omens
Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio – Joe Boot & The Fabulous Winds


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