Way Past Cool – Episode 24


She’s So Fine – Tokyo Self Destruction
Nightmare – The Stomach Mouths
Lonesome Traveller – Lonesome Lee
Pucker Up – The Little Killers
The Passenger – Number Nine
I Wanna Put You Outta My Head – The Rippers
Three Cool Cats – The Coasters
It’s Alive – The Fifty Foot Combo
Crackerjack – Joe Clay
You Don’t Always Want What You Get – The Flaming Stars
The Wailin’ Well – The Memphis Morticians
New Spark – Johnny Powers & The A-Bones
Swinger Reaper – The Venturi Tubes
What’cha Want – The Fireworks
I’m Snowed – Joe South
Crack The Whip – The Masons
Bush Fire – The Cannons
Leaving Town – The Scat Rag Boosters
Latin Soul – The Original Surfaris
Cannibal Love – Bee Dee Kay & The Rollercoaster


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