Way Past Cool – Episode 20


She’s Trouble – The Guilty Hearts
Hey Hey – The Sound Barrier
El Boracho – The Nebulas
Gold & Diamonds – The Hot Pockets
She’s All Mine – Blacktop
We’re Gonna Love – Sir Winston & The Commons
Margaya – The Irradiates
Bring My Cadillac Back – Baker Knight
Hot Stix – The Persuaders
Rhythm & Rhyme – Girltrouble
Bottle To The Baby – Charlie Feathers
The Galloping Goblin – The Masonics
Girl You Captivate Me – Question Mark & The Mysterions
Rockinitis – The Revelators
Brokedown – The Von Zippers
I’m Shakin’ – Little Willie John
Devil Out Of Fashion – Messer Chups
Tornado – Dale Hawkins
Show Me Your Tits – Stinky Lou & The Goon Mat
Seven Nation Army – C.W Stoneking


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