Way Past Cool – Episode 16


I Just Low – Gasoline
They Saved Hitlers Cock – The Angry Samoans
Bay Of Pigs – Los Nitros
All I Give – Cococoma
Riding On The 262 – The Daylight Lovers
No Mercy – The Buff Medways
Jesus Was A Terrorist – Jello Biafra & NoMeansNo
There’s A Moose On The Loose – Roddy Jackson
Sick In Love – The Blackheart Saints
James Browns Boogaloo – James Brown
Just A Little Bit – The Purple Hearts
Let’s Get Hurt – Guitar Wolf
Black Hearted Woman – The Standells
Don’t Stop To Dance – Reverend Beat-Man
El Grito Del Mostro – Los Magnificos
Shotdown, Drag Out – The Baseball Furies
Wanted For Questioning – Bob Lee & The Mike Moore Orchestra
Judge Hot Fudge – The Didjits
Grind ‘Er Up – Satans Cheerleaders
HC She – The Coachwhips
Shockwave – Zorba & The Greeks
Handy Man – Cheap Time


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